Meal Outings

Patients who are in therapy for eating disorder treatment meet at a pre-determined restaurant with Dr. Susie and Kerry Fannon, Registered Dietitian, to overcome barriers they are learning to challenge as a part of their recovery process. All patients are at a different stages of their treatment and recovery journeys at any given time and will be working on their individual/customized challenges during this group meal outing. They are provided with a Questionnaire at the outset of the dining experience to review after the meal as a process group.

These meal outings will occur at a variety of times throughout the ongoing, open group process, such as; a) when a group member is celebrating a birthday; b) when a group member is celebrating a 6 month or 1 year anniversary of accomplishing her goal; c) holiday outings; and d) randomly as facilitators deem necessary for the group at large.

The purpose of these meal outings include:

  • Helping our clients with their transition from treatment into a real world setting with reduced to no anxiety;
  • Assisting our clients with a peaceful experience while eating socially;
  • Making food choices based upon food preferences versus their disordered belief system;
  • Guiding our clients to tune into their physical versus cognitive cues.
  • Becoming more mindful of eating disorder behaviors; and
  • Becoming more present during the meal itself.